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4905 Beaver Valley Road
Horsefly, BC, V0L 1L0


Clothing, Accessories and Home Decor.
     Hand Made. Fair Trade.


The traditions of textile production are disappearing in indigenous cultures around the world. It is becoming increasing difficult for artists to continue selling handmade textiles when their work can be duplicated in factories far away. This trend is hugely detrimental to the communities that still make them by hand.  It is also detriment to the textile factory workers who, in order for us to "buy cheap", frequently work in appalling conditions, and have few, if any, rights to organize for better treatment.


"Cloth holds the residue of breath from our pores and retains the essence of life within its structure."
Gerry Craig, Imagination & Sensation


MamaQuilla Textiles is a Canadian-based business with a mission to celebrate the art of handmade cloth. 
MamaQuilla is committed to fair trade principles and Community Economic Development (CED). Fair trade is a system of trade that uses the markets to promote social justice. CED is a community-based and community-directed process that explicitly combines social and economic development and is directed towards fostering the economic, social, ecological and cultural well-being of communities and regions.