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4905 Beaver Valley Road
Horsefly, BC, V0L 1L0


Clothing, Accessories and Home Decor.
     Hand Made. Fair Trade.



The Cambodian civil disturbances that began in 1975 witnessed total devastation of the Cambodian culture, and brought enormous suffering to the  people. At least a million Cambodians, out of a total population of 8 million, died from executions, overwork, starvation and disease. In 1993, Norodom Sihanouk was restored as King of Cambodia, making Cambodia the world's only post-communist country which restored  monarchy as the system of government.  Peace has brought rapid economic development on one hand, and a modern consumer Western culture on the other. As a result, people tend to forget and neglect traditional wisdom and culture. There is a need to mobilize appreciation of the traditional culture and to animate it, because real sustainable development for people cannot be achieved if they lose their cultural identity and dignity.


Ta Prohm is a socially motivated business that provides quality unique silk fashion accessories while providing educational and employment opportunities for vulnerable people.

Owner Chim Kong is a young Cambodian Designer who has risen above the adversity that has been the history of Cambodia. When Kong was 12 she lost her leg to a land mine in the forest near the village where she lived. 

Now, along with her husband Sam, she employs 12 permanent staff and 15 piece workers who are disabled by land mines or polio. Her small group is certified under Artisans Association of Cambodia, as internationally certified Fair Trade organization.

Kong & Sam, Owners of Ta Prohm Silk